World's smallest pub? Meet the UK landlady delivering pints on a bike

Brighton landlady Jennifer Left, 36, was not going to be deterred from serving customers as lockdown restrictions meant her popular pub had to shut its doors. The innovative entrepreneur decided that if the local customers of her Hand in Hand pub on England's southeast coast couldn’t come to her, then she would go to them. Initially, she toyed with the idea of buying a milk float or an ice cream van to take her goods around the city, but the cost proved prohibitive. So she modified her ambitions and settled on the idea of creating a miniature replica of her pub and simply attached it to the back of her bike. The tiny "bar on a bike" is instantly recognisable to those who know the original and she transports canned or bottled beer and other delights such as Prosecco to bring the pub to people’s doorsteps. The flamboyant landlady has even made herself a cape, with “Hand in Hand landlady” embroidered on the back and for those ordering for special occasions such as a birthday is happy to be photographed or videoed as part of the service of offering cheer as well as beer, so it’s no ordinary delivery service. The package has proved really popular in her local area, Kemptown, Brighton and is also a way of keeping the pub in people’s minds for when she is able to reopen. One customer Kirsti Hadley also expressed the importance of supporting a local business especially one that has been so creative adapting to the lockdown restrictions.