Are you worried about the future of our country? The Drag PAC is here to help.

Are you worried about the future of our country? The Drag PAC is here to help.
Are you worried about the future of our country? The Drag PAC is here to help.

If you’re concerned about the upcoming election, the drag and/or trans bans, or the potential impending threat of Project 2025 that would effectively turn us into the Republic of States, then have no fear, the Drag PAC is here.

If you’re not concerned about any of the above or anything else in between, we encourage you to still keep reading because you, too, need the Drag PAC -- and maybe even more than the rest of us.

The Drag PAC is a new group of six drag queens from RuPaul’s Drag Race, comprised of Ben de la Crème, Peppermint, Willam, Monét X Change, Alaska, and the Queen of All Queens herself, Jinkx Monsoon.

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Activism Isn't A Choice For Everyone

The six of them got together to bring forth various issues that go ignored, the battles queer people face, and the importance of continued representation.

Ben also noted how 80 million registered voters didn’t vote in the 2020 election, and on a personal note, this hit me. I’ve voted in the last two elections, although I’ve been eligible for the last four. I didn’t vote during either of Obama's elections when I was younger because I thought my vote didn’t count. Although I’ll admit there are times I still wonder, if 80 million other people think the same thing, that becomes a problem — and that doesn’t even touch the people who don’t register to vote.

Monét is right, though -- this is the most pivotal election of our time.

Drag PAC: Who We Are

Founded by the queens to “engage, educate, and mobilize Gen Z Voters and progressive allies to vote ahead of the most consequential election for our LGBTQ+ rights in our nation’s history,” they really couldn’t have made it any easier for you to do so.

Over on their website, they’ve partnered with TurboVote, and online company that allows you to register to vote online right from home. They also let you check your registration and, if you turn 18 prior to November but aren’t quite there yet, they also let you preregister.

The Drag PAC website has also broken down information state by state, which essentially gives you no excuse not to vote.

The state’s individual information includes a countdown to election day, how many Statewide Ballot Measures your state has, what those measures are, key changes to the state’s voting procedures, as well as whether you can vote online, by mail, or have to show up in person (and how to do all three).

Voting doesn’t have to be a scary thing, but it’s okay if you’re scared about what might get voted through. Always remember you’re not alone, your voice counts, and we can all build a brighter tomorrow if we work together to do so.

Drag PAC: Why Drag PAC