'Worst house in the UK' in Bradford sells at auction after viral TikTok video tour

A bungalow dubbed 'the worst house in the UK' in Bradford has sold at auction for £30,000 <i>(Image: Google Maps)</i>
A bungalow dubbed 'the worst house in the UK' in Bradford has sold at auction for £30,000 (Image: Google Maps)

The current property market isn’t making it easy for people to buy their dream home, with house prices and inflation rates continuing to rise.

But just how much would you be willing to pay for a house in Bradford that’s been dubbed ‘the worst house in the UK’?

The property located on Little Horton Lane recently sold for £30,000 at an auction and was originally put on the market by estate agents and auctioneers McHugh & Co.

However, a Scottish house hunter’s viral TikTok video has given us a comical tour of the home, from showing walls covered in graffiti to old sofas in the garden and a roof under repair.

In the video by @adamzinho.1, he uses the magic of a green screen as his face bounces around over the top of the properties Rightmove listing, talking us through the questionable features of the house.

The video begins with Adam saying: "Stop scrolling, stop what you're doing, ladies and gentlemen we have found the worst available house in the UK and it sits in Bradford."

As he introduces his followers to the property, suspenseful music can be heard in the background.

What features does the ‘worst available house in the UK’ have?

The first picture in Adam’s video shows two old sofas in the derelict front garden and the front of the house with broken windows and a battered door.

He then goes inside the property to the first room with graffiti-covered walls and piles of rubble.

Adam describes many bright, childlike paintings on the walls as “a bit of finger painting and arts and crafts” which appear next to a strange message written in red paint above the door frame.

The message says: "Abandon all hope, you who enter in", with an arrow pointing through the door underneath.

Another image shows a hole in a collapsed ceiling surrounded by crumbling stone walls – we see Adam's small bouncing head tumbling from the ceiling as he pretends to fall.

@adamzinho.1 responds to TikTok video going viral

According to The Mirror, Adam from Ayr, South Ayrshire, said: "I usually get links to awful properties sent to me via my DMs on TikTok.

"The house was literally falling apart, didn't have a roof, and had graffiti. When I saw it I felt a mixture of shock and sadness.

"Shock because of how badly it had fallen into disrepair, and sadness at how badly the housing situation is now that finding houses in this state is common and people are really struggling to get on the housing market."

McHugh & Co have been contacted for a comment.