"Worst wedding photos ever" couple recreate ceremony for "special" re-shoot

Simon Garner
Yahoo! News

A newlywed couple left devastated when their big day was ruined by the "worst wedding photos ever" have rewritten history after recreating the pictures - including their first dance.

Devastated Anneka Geary, 27, and hubby Thomas, 32, were horrified when their badly-framed, out-of-focus pictures came back from the bungling wedding photographers.

The couple paid Ian McCloskey and Nikki Carter £750 to cover the wedding and complained after they didn't get a single usable shot from the occasion.

Thankfully a big-hearted photographer stepped in to give the couple a second chance to recreate their big day - as it should have been.

The original nightmare pictures included the back of guests' heads and a snap of the bride's mother whose face was completely obscured by her hat.

Astonishingly, the photographers even failed to take a single frame of the groom's parents.

One snap of the couple signing the marriage register also appeared to feature a ghostly hand clutching a toy motorbike where the snappers tried to edit out Anneka's three-year-old nephew Harry who was standing in the background.

The pictures of the evening do, which hosted 120 guests, were also taken without flash because one of the photographers complained about being epileptic.

The couple, from Warwick, demanded a full refund for the "nightmare" wedding album but received less than half after the firm, Westgate Photography, went bust.

But the perfect wedding album was re-shot after the couple were inundated from photographers from all over the country offering to recreate the special day - for free.

Now one picture shows the couple in the hotel grounds looking lovingly into each other's eyes in a warm embrace, whereas the original had them standing awkwardly metres apart.

And a fuzzy shot of the couple cutting their wedding cake was re-shot and now the couple's grinning faces are clearly visible.

The bridegroom's parents, who didn't feature in a single shot in the original set, beamed at the camera as they posed up on the hotel steps.

A shot of the couple's first dance, which came out blurred, shows blushing bride Anneka twirling in perfect focus.

Generous make-up artists and the local registrar gave their services for free to recreate last August's £14,000 ceremony.

Thomas and Anneka returned to plush Dunchurch Park Hotel near Rugby, Warwickshire, to recreate some of the botched shots.

Thrilled Anneka said: "We were really disappointed when we got the original pictures back because so much planning had gone into the day and the photos were unusable.

"We were delighted when the local photographer agreed to recreate the wedding pictures.

"It was lovely occasion and I loved the chance of getting dressed up in my wedding dress again - it was like getting married all over again.

"We even recreated the first dance which was really special."

Sarah Fox, who runs Jems Photography with snapper husband John, offered the couple a re-organised wedding after seeing the original batch of shots.

She said: "We heard what had happened and pulled a few contacts to give them the day they should have had in the first place.

"No-one deserves to have their pictures ruined by photos that aren't very good.

"They came to see the photos after they were done and were absolutely thrilled, they sat there crying with joy saying 'this is how they should have looked'."