The Wound judgement to be handed down in court tomorrow

The Wound judgement to be handed down in court

Centurion – The real-life drama between the Film and Publication Board (FPB)’s Appeal Tribunal and the people behind the film titled Inxeba (The Wound) will reach a legal conclusion on Thursday. 

It started when a classification committee of the Film and Publication Board (FPB) rated the film in July 2017 and gave it a rating of 16 accompanied by consumer advisories stating that that the film contains scenes with strong language, sex and nudity (16LSN).   

The Appeal Tribunal on the FPB then overturned the classification rating of 16 LSN and gave a rating of X18 with the classifiable elements of sex, language, nudity, violence and prejudice. This meant that the film could no longer be seen at public movie theatres

However the film’s producers took the matter to court and movie was then "unbanned" by the Pretoria High Court order and allowed back into mainstream cinema screens again from Friday, 9 March.

This happened because the judge said that the 'X' had to be dropped from the rating while he determined his final ruling. 

Heads of argument were then presented on 28 March. Judge Justice Raulinga heard the heads of argument and upheld his original judgement to give himself time to deliberate on the matter.

Now the full judgement in the case between Indigenous Film Distribution (Pty) Ltd and Another vs. Film and Publication Board and other will be handed on Thursday, 28 June at the Pretoria High Court.  

The judgement hearing will commence at 10:00 and the allocated court will be found on the day roll.