The Wrekin 2024 general election candidates

-Credit: (Image: Rightmove)
-Credit: (Image: Rightmove)

The Conservatives romped home in The Wrekin last time round - but five years is a long time in politics. The constituency is very much in the crosshairs of Labour - and forecasters are tipping it to go red in the 2024 General Election.

Mr Pritchard has been Wrekin MP since 2005, when he took over from Labour. The seat was red in the Tony Blair years but was won with 63% of the vote last time round.

Tories will be desperate to hold on to The Wrekin but Electoral Calculus predicts a Labour win this time round. It comes amidst a tough time for Rishi Sunak's party which is predicted to lose despite an 80-seat majority in 2019.

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Who's standing in The Wrekin?

Roh Yakobi - Labour Party

Richard Leppington - Reform UK

Pat McCarthy- Green Party

Mark Pritchard - Conservative Party

Anthony Lowe - Liberal Democrats

Chris Shipley - Independent

What was The Wrekin general election result in 2019?

The last general election was in 2019 Here are the results:

  • Conservative, Mark Pritchard - 31,029 (63.5%)

  • Labour, Dylan Harrison - 12,303 (25.2%)

  • Liberal Democrats, Thomas Janke - 4,067 (8.3%)

  • Green, Tim Dawes - 1,491 (3%)

Turnout: 48,890 (69.2%)