Wrest-Aisle-Mania: Friends Turn Walmart Into Wrestling Ring

Shoppers at a Walmart in Cooperas Cove, Texas, were treated to a showdown of epic proportions on February 25, when a group of friends pulled off an impromptu wrestling match in the middle of an aisle.

After spending hours searching for a suitable spot, the wrestling group settled on the Walmart store. Adrean Jeffries filmed three friends as they simulated a fight reminiscent of a WWE match — ref and all.

“We blocked the [aisle] so nobody could come through and we handled it safely with a table we purchased first,” Jeffries told Storyful.

The friends said most shoppers viewed the performance as “entertaining” rather than as problematic.

“If they usually have [an] issue we just move to another location!” Jeffries said. Credit: Adrean Jeffries via Storyful