'WrestleMania' After Two Bears Enter a Backyard Trampoline in British Columbia

Two curious black bears managed to wrangle themselves inside a backyard trampoline for a wrestling match in Coquitlam, British Columbia.

This footage, recorded by Rose Waldron, shows the playful bears wrestling on either side of the trampoline’s net before the bear on the outside manages to find its way through the netted entrance.

Waldron can be heard joking “it’s WrestleMania” as the two bears playfully square off inside the children’s play equipment.

Waldron told Storyful that she often sees bears near her home during spring.

Waldron said that the two bears did eventually leave the netted arena after she yelled at them from inside her home and that the trampoline was relatively undamaged despite the bears’ behaviour Credit: Rose Waldron via Storyful

Video transcript

- Oh, dear. Oh, he's going over the top. Oh, no, yeah, he broke the top now. Was it broken on top there? Oh, I guess it's not really. But it's going to be all slashed up. These naughty bears. I want to see how the one on the inside gets out. He's going to chew his way out. They have got some wildlife action going on here.

They're both standing up now. Oops. They're both standing on their feet. I'm not going out there to scare them away 'cause then they'll-- the ones on the inside will freak out. Uh-oh, I think the-- I think the other one is finding the doorway now. Uh-oh, now they're both in there. It's WrestleMania. Oh, no.

Yeah, so much for that trampoline. Do you want to run out there and zip it up. Josh? [LAUGHTER] Just kidding. Oh, goodness gracious.

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