The Wright Stuff gets pranked not once but TWICE by same caller

Fool me once, shame on you; fool me twice, shame on Matthew Wright.

The Wright Stuff host was subjected to an abusive prank not once, but twice in succession, during his call-in segment of Wednesday’s show.

(Credit: Channel 5)
(Credit: Channel 5)

During the morning show on Channel 5, host Wright took a call from Gary from Bedfordshire. Things appeared to be going fine, until the caller suddenly came out with: ‘When you were saying about the freedom of speech thing, I still say that Sharon Goodman is a b***h.’

Wright was taken back, apologising to and reminding viewers that the prank caller was a ‘regular abuser’ of the show.

‘I can only apologise once again for the language he used,’ the host pleaded. He went on to say they are ‘doing our very best to ensure this man does not get back on the line, he’s cheated us once again.’

(Credit: REX)
(Credit: REX)

But no sooner had they hung up on the unsavoury man, the next caller, Tom from Buckinghamshire, came on the line to discuss smacking children…

…only, it turned out to be THE SAME GUY. He was cut off again for randomly saying, ‘that b***h Sharon.’ Seriously, what are the odds?

Once again, I have to apologise for the offensive language…’ Wright began, as he said sorry for a second time in as many minutes.

Everyone was left bemused by the joker, not least because no one had any idea who Sharon was or why he was mad at her.

‘If you carry on like this you’re going to have me taken off air which would be a great tragedy for the hundreds of thousands of people who enjoy this show,’ said the worried host.

But if Twitter’s reaction was anything to go by it’s not done its ratings any harm.

The Wright Stuff is on each morning, so don’t be surprised to hear one or two more prank calls while eating your cornflakes.

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