'This is so wrong': Asda shoppers divided over Jaffa Cake flavour

Jaffa cake
-Credit: (Image: Getty)

Asda shoppers were divided over a new Jaffa Cake flavour which some described as "so wrong".

Over the years, Jaffa Cake has introduced a variety of twists on its classic recipe. The iconic orange centre has previously made way for flavours like cherry, strawberry, blackcurrant and lemon.

But McVitie's latest invention has left fans divided. The new special edition Coca-Cola bottle flavour Jaffa Cakes have been spotted by an eagle-eyed Instagram foodie, Treatsinstore, who posted a photo of the treat online, reports Wales Online.

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Curious customers can find this unique offering at Asda, priced at just 85p a box. The post sparked a debate, with the caption posing the question: "How do we feel about this? "

One person commented: "This is so wrong! Bet they taste nasty!", while another was sceptical, saying: "Cola and chocolate? I'm not sure!"

A third said: "Who approves these flavours? I'll stick with the original thanks!" Another shopper said: "Just no. My beautiful Jaffa cakes cannot be ruined with this atrocity! ".

However, some shoppers were intrigued by the unusual combination. One person wrote: "Oooh! They're onto something here! ".

Another said: "I was in Asda on Saturday - my local definitely didn't have these. I would have been all over them! " And yet another declared their excitement: "It's a need not a want."

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