Most WTF Olympics Moments

Here comes Diggins!

Did they really just do that?

The NBC announcers went nuts screaming as Jessie Diggins made her move from third to first and why shouldn’t they?

She and Kikkan Randall made history.

They had just won the first ever Olympic medal for the United States in women’s cross-country skiing and the first ever Olympic gold medal for the United States in cross-country skiing. Battling the Swedish team down the stretch, Diggins made a gutsy move and the Americans won by 0.19 of a second.

It was a gold that no one saw coming.

Winter Olympics 2018: Jessie Diggins to Carry U.S. Flag in Closing Ceremony

Getting Gerard-ed

Getting Gerard-ed: verb meaning to celebrate like crazy – preferably with some beer – when your 17-year-old snowboarding prodigy son doesn’t wake up to his alarm, but somehow still manages to win the USA’s first gold medal of the Olympics on a clutch third run.

The Gerard family – bearded dad and all – certainly got gerarded after Red Gerard took home gold in the slopestyle.

All 18 members of the Gerard clan in PyeongChang were seen celebrating after his gold medal run and afterwards, the Olympic champ said they’d probably been shotgunning beers since 8:30 AM.

Nip Slip

Gabriella Papadakis won’t leave PyeongChang with a gold medal, but she’ll have made one of the biggest headlines of the games. At the beginning of the short dance, the clasp on her dress came undone and the French ice dancer struggled just to keep her dress on let alone put together a high level performance.

As she continued twizzling and gliding across the ice, she inadvertently flashed an international audience.

Papadakis and partner Guillaume Cizeron will likely never forget their silver medal run and record breaking free dance program, but they also won’t forget this wardrobe malfunction anytime soon.


It’s hard to miss a streaker on Olympic ice, especially one with peace and love across his chest and wearing a pink tutu and a monkey to cover certain “parts” of himself.


A shirtless man clad in a tutu dances on the rink following the men’s 1,000m speed skating event medal ceremony during the Pyeongchang 2018 Winter Olympic Games at the Gangneung Oval in Gangneung on February 23, 2018. / AFP PHOTO / Roberto SCHMIDT

But there on the middle of the speed skating event, there he was. The notorious streaker struck again and there’s really not much to say – just stare in disbelief.

Mirai Nagasu’s post-skate interview

Mirai Nagasu (AP)

The highs were high – winning a bronze medal in the team event and becoming the first US woman to land a triple axel – but the lows were especially low, and confusing, for figure skater Mirai Nagasu.

After a flat free skate and a 10th place finish in the ladies event, she had an, um, interesting interview to say the least.

From taking credit for saving Team USA in the team event to saying her skate was an audition for ‘Dancing with the Stars’ to blaming her lackluster performance on a lack of hot showers, Nagasu’s interview raised more eyebrows than she probably intended it to.

Hangry Gold Medal Tweeter

First, it was churros. Next, it was ice cream. Then it was a half-eaten breakfast sandwich. Finally came the gold medal.

Chloe Kim kept the world updated on her food cravings during her half-pipe competition by tweeting out in between her runs to the surprise of the social media universe.

So yes, in between dropping a 93.75 and a 98.25 in the finals, Chloe let us all know that she was hangry because she sadly didn’t finish her breakfast sandwich. Imagine how well she could’ve done if she ate the whole sandwich.

Ready, set, knit?

You probably did a double take during Finland’s Roope Tonteri’s qualifying slopestyle run.

Right beside him was coach Antti Koskinen, who had whipped out his knitting needles, before Tonteri took off down the hill. It wasn’t the first time Koskinen brought out the knitting.

In 2014, Koskinen told Yahoo Sports that he brought out his knitting kit to keep things light and relaxed began. Apparently, Tonteri in particular thought it was funny, so the coach brought the scarf he was working on up the mountain for the slopestyle snowboarding event.

Raining Pooh

What does a gold medal worthy performance get you?

If you’re Yuzuru Hanyu – Pooh. Lots of Pooh. The Japanese skater successfully defended his Olympic title from Sochi with another near flawless performance and his fans rewarded him with a barrage of teddy bears.

Fans threw hundreds of Pooh Bear dolls onto the ice after Yuzuru Hanyu’s monster performance in men’s figure skating

For anyone unfamiliar with Yuzuru Hanyu, he loves Winnie the Pooh – he keeps one either on the rink or in his locker for good luck – and all his fans come to watch him skate with the bears ready on hand.

Some ordered it from Amazon ahead of time, others bought it Korea. Either way, the bears – and the gold medal – ended up with Hanyu for a second straight Olympics.