WWE Fappening: Will fed punish Paige and Xavier Woods over leaked sex tape?

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Will WWE punish Paige and Xavier Woods after their three-way sex tape was leaked online? The editor of Figure Four Weekly, Brian Alvarez, on a recent episode of Wrestling Observer Live said the fed might not punish the two stars because the leaked photos and videos were hacked and not published voluntarily.

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Alvarez said the leaked content did not constitute a breach in the "morality clause" in the duo's WWE contracts.

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Wrestling Observer's Dave Meltzer said that it is a "really tough situation" for the company as they did nothing to Seth Rollins despite "The Architect" getting embroiled in a similar situation in the past.

"Their feeling was that he didn't do anything wrong, and it was a jealous ex-girlfriend or whatever," he said.

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Meltzer added that Paige's sex tape may seem worse as her phone was stolen and the leaked content is more graphic.

"What you do on your own time, is your own time, but there is a morals clause in any entertainer's contract, and it is a publicly traded company that has sponsors like Mattel and people like that."

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"It's a really tough situation, because if you do something to her, you pretty much would have to do something to Xavier Woods [who is allegedly in one of the videos with Paige], and you really couldn't bring back Hulk Hogan at that point. So it's like a can of worms that you don't wanna really open."

Soon after the compromising photos and videos were made public, Paige on Twitter revealed that they were stolen. "Personal and private photos of mine were stolen and unfortunately they were shared publicly without my consent," she said.

Paige's mother, 'Sweet' Saraya Knight, also defended her daughter after the latter's photos and videos were hacked and leaked.

"People get hacked, unfortunately my daughter had pics and video shared from years ago, my husband and I support her 100% no fault of her own," Knight said.

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