WWE SmackDown Live Results: Will Daniel Bryan’s Return Impact WrestleMania 34?

Phillip Martinez
WWE SmackDown Live Results: Will Daniel Bryan’s Return Impact WrestleMania 34?

It’s been a great day for WWE fans. Daniel Bryan has been cleared to return to in-ring action after two years and now he’s set to open the March 20 edition of SmackDown Live to address the WWE Universe.

While this episode of SmackDown will likely revolve around Daniel Bryan’s return, and rightfully so, the blue brand still has to build towards WrestleMania 34 in April. According to WWE.com, fans should expect fallout from Sami Zayn and Kevin Owens’ attack on Shane McMahon, and it’ll be up to Bryan to deal with them.

Also expected on the show is the more fighting between Jinder Mahal and Bobby Roode in the US Title scene. Will the Bludgeon Brothers path of destruction in the SmackDown tag division continue? And how will the rest of the SmackDown Women’s division react to Asuka’s addition?

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There’s a lot going on on the March 20 edition of SmackDown Live and here are the live results.

Note: The results are still being compiled. We’ll update as matches conclude.

Here Are The WWE SmackDown Live Results For March 20

Daniel Bryan Segment

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  • Daniel Bryan opens the show by saying that what happened to Shane McMahon was unacceptable and he will address Kevin Owens and Sami Zayne but he wanted to first talk about how grateful the last two years made him. He thanked his wife for pushing him to see specialist after specialist and to keep fighting for your dream. 
  • For two months, he asked the WWE to reopen his case. They sent him to the best neurologists in the country and they all said he was cleared. 
  • Bryan thanks the WWE doctors, the WWE for looking at his case again, and his wife. 
  • Bryan says he doesn't know when he will fight. The crowd chants for WrestleMania but he can only confirm he will wrestle again. 
  • Backstage: Dolph Ziggler approaches Bryan and congratulates him on his return but says he can't wait to beat him. Bryand says he can try.

Shinsuke Nakamura vs Rusev (AJ Styles on commentary)

  • Nakamura wins via pinfall after a series of roll ups. 
  • Aiden English comes in after and he and Rusev gang up on Shinsuke.
  • AJ gets up from commentary and slowly begins to make his way to the ring but Shinsuke fights Rusev and English off by himself and smiles at AJ. 

Women's Backstage Segment

  • Charlotte is watching an Asuka video package when Natalya approaches her to say Flair is afraid of Asuka. 
  • Charlotte says she's not afraid but excited to have her match with Asuka.
  • Natalya says Asuka's streak is still alive because she's never faced her yet.
  • Charlotte says Natalya can take her on later tonight. 

AJ/Shinsuke Backstage

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  • Shinsuke walks up to AJ to say he didn't need his help, and one more thing.  
  • AJ says "let me guess, you're going to beat me at WrestleMania?"
  • Shinsuke retorts, "You should be more confident. But yes I will with knee to face." 

Baron Corbin vs Tye Dillinger 

  • Both competitors will be in the Andre Battle Royal
  • Corbin defeats Tye via pinfall with the End of Days

Charlotte vs Natalya

  • Natalya defeats Charlotte via pinfall after a roll up from a Carmella distraction
  • Carmella came out to cash-in but before the bell rang, Charlotte hits her leading to Natalya's roll up. 

Jimmy Uso (with Jey) vs Luke Harper (with Eric Rowand)

  • Harper defeats Jimmy via pinfall after a massive clothesline


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