X Factor 2015: Sinitta Slams Nick Grimshaw: ‘I Don’t Get Why Simon Cowell Chose Him’

Eek, palm leaves at the ready - Sinitta is on the warpath and she doesn’t care who knows it.

After being music mogul Simon Cowell’s right-hand woman for years and years, Sinitta has now admitted that she’s starting to get a little bit peeved about the fact that he won’t make her a permanent addition to the X Factor judging panel.

We mean, come on Si, what exactly are you playing at, eh?

Not only is Sinits a bit confused about the fact that her appearances on the hit talent show are strictly limited to Judges’ Houses cameos (and the occasional audience shot if we’re lucky), the 51-year-old ‘80s star isn’t happy with Simon’s decision to hire Nick Grimshaw.

In fact, she reckons that she only hired him because they’re friends. Cripes.

Speaking to Closer magazine, the mum-of-two ranted: “I beg Simon for a spot on the panel, I don’t get his decision to choose Nick Grimshaw - he can’t sing!

“How can he judge other singers? I think Simon and Nick are good mates though, so he chose to have a pal on the panel.”

Ooft, that’s got to hurt.

Despite being a littttle bit unhappy with Simon’s hiring and firing skills, Sinitta hasn’t lost hope that she will get her bum behind that prestigious judges’ desk eventually.

The star went on to add: “I won’t stop begging. My kids often bug me for things and won’t stop until I give in, so that’s the tactic I’m using.”

Sounds like a lady who means business to us, how about you?

We reckon Chezza, Grimmers and Rita Ora need to be on their best behaviour this series of the show, because if it doesn’t go to plan there’s a good chance Sinitta will be taking their place next year.

On that note, is it just us who thinks she’ll be pretty bloomin’ wonderful as a judge?