'X Factor': Was this the most awkward audition ever?

Laura Hannam
Scott Wilkes put on quite the show on tonight’s X Factor. (ITV Pictures)

Scott Wilkes gave what many viewers are calling a ‘cringey’ and ’embarrassing’ audition on Saturday night’s X Factor. 

The 22-year-old flower wholesaler and aspiring singer from Birmingham said he gets wolf whistled ‘all the time’ and that ‘the way he acts on stage’ sends ‘women mad.’

Unfortunately, he failed to send the X Factor judges or the viewers mad with desire, and received both four no’s from the judging panel and an influx of abuse on Twitter.

On stage, Wilkes said he aspired to be ‘the likes’ of Elvis Presley and new X Factor judge Robbie Williams and gave a rendition of Billy Paul’s 1972 hit ‘Me and Mrs. Jones.’

22-year-old Scott Wilkes began the audition with his clothes on. (ITV Pictures)

As his audition unravelled, Simon Cowell repeatedly rolled his eyes and new X Factor judge Louis Tomlinson remarked ‘That is not many buttons done up on his shirt!’

And halfway through his performance he asked the audience, “Give me a cheer if you want me take my shirt off!”

No one in the audience appeared to respond or certainly encourage Wilkes to strip off, but he continued to take off his waistcoat and shirt anyway.

Scott Wilkes seemed to mistake X Factor for Chippendales on Saturday night’s X Factor.

“Cheer louder!” he attempted again, but this was also met with silence and even several audience members covering their eyes.

The judges didn’t hold back when critiquing Wilkes performance.

Louis Tomlinson said: “I’ll begin, I think you’ve got a really good voice but I don’t think you need to do all that.”

While Robbie Williams dished a surprisingly honest verdict: “You know what you need to dial that down by three and knock up a bit of humility or else your talent will go missing because no one is going to like you!” he said.

Simon Cowell concluded “Look Scott it’s not going to happen this year.”

A somewhat defeated looking Wilkes said “Thank you” and Williams wife and fellow judge Ayda Field joked: “The irony of Rob telling anyone that they’re too much or too cocky!”

“Yeah I couldn’t believe it! I knew the words were coming out of my mouth – I’m telling someone to not be cocky!” said Williams.

Viewers at home didn’t hold back on Twitter either, with many ripping into Wilkes audition:

X Factor continues Sunday at 8pm.

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