X Factor: Eric Cowell's 'Baby Shark' gets mixed feedback

The X Factor final, which saw Jamaican crooner Dalton Harris take home the grand prize, kicked off by announcing it had a new boss. And it turned out to be none other than Simon Cowell’s four-year-old son, Eric Cowell.

The young boy announced it was time for ‘Baby Shark!’ which was followed by children performing to the hit song while adults dressed as sharks danced around them.

The song has become a viral hit around the world this year, mainly thanks to its YouTube video version ‘Baby Shark Dance,’ which currently has over two billion hits.

And Simon explained that he has bought the rights to the song and that a version of the single has now been released under his son’s recently founded record label, SyKids Records.

“This is Eric’s first release on SyKids records! The record is out now. He is now my boss!” said Simon.

But while it may be a megahit with young children and knowing parents, many X Factor viewers were left utterly confused by the shark mayhem that enfolded.

Several viewers took to Twitter to ask ‘What is happening?’ while others poked fun at the slump in this year’s X Factor ratings and joked that the series had officially ‘hit rock bottom.’

While many frustrated parents mockingly slammed the show for giving airtime to the ridiculously catchy track.

Others were shocked that Simon Cowell was putting his son in the public spotlight at such a young age – and presumedly all in the name of record sales.

But all is not loss, as for all the ‘haters’ many viewers professed their love for the performance on Twitter – including quite a few parents.

Eric Cowell is Simon Cowell’s first and only child, who he has had with his partner Lauren Silverman. He has openly spoken about leaving his entertainment empire to Eric, including the X Factor franchise.

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