'X Factor' Girls deny Louis Tomlinson has left One Direction

Bella, Shan and Molly (Build LDN).
Bella, Shan and Molly (Build LDN).

There was panic amongst One Direction fans on Saturday night’s X Factor when Louis Tomlinson hinted that he was longer a part of the famous boyband.

The 26-year-old consoled X Factor hopeful Brendan Murray after he admitted he’d failed to make it big in a boyband in the past.

“I get it, I used to be in a band, you want to move on from it,” Tomlinson said.

The band have been on a hiatus since the end of 2015, and have each gone on to release solo music.

However, three of the X Factor Girls talked to us – Molly Scott, Bella Penfold and Shan – and reassured us that Tomlinson’s words were taken out of context.

Scott said it was a ‘mistake’ on Tomlinson’s part and predicts a One Direction reunion will inevitably be on the cards.

“I kind of sense that was a bit of a mistake. If he’d left One Direction why would he have Liam Payne here on as one of his guest judges?”

One Direction have been on a hiatus since 2015. (PA Images)
One Direction have been on a hiatus since 2015. (PA Images)

“I think they will reunite I think it was just a heat in the moment comment,” she said.

“They all have different projects on aside from One Direction. They’re doing their own separate thing. But that doesn’t mean they’ve split up!” Shan added.

Meanwhile rapper Bella Penfold said is a huge One Direction fan and has Tomlinson’s number.

She even confessed that he’d helped her out when she was having an argument with her girlfriend.

“I love Louis! I got him on the phone to my girlfriend and got him to sing the chorus to “You & I” because me and my girlfriend were having an argument.

“I thought oh right he’s here so I will FaceTime him! You can’t argue with me now because look who I have with me!” Penfold told us.

As for their category mentor Simon Cowell, they described him as ‘supportive’ and Scott said fatherhood has ‘softened him’ and that he ‘was a lovely man.’

Shan said that she saw a hint of the ‘mean’ Cowell we’re used to during the latest live performance episodes of X Factor.

“Yeah he’s been a lot more nice and supportive and giving great feedback. But then from Saturday we got a bit of mean Simon back!” she said.

X Factor continues on Saturday at 8.35pm on ITV.

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