X Factor star Lucy Spraggan talks Polo Lounge and TikTok ahead of Glasgow gig

Lucy Spraggan. <i>(Image: Lucy Spraggan)</i>
Lucy Spraggan. (Image: Lucy Spraggan)

IT'S hard to believe it’s been more than 10 years since singer Lucy Spraggan appeared on TV screens performing her own original single Last Night (Beer Fear) at her X Factor audition.

The folk-pop artist shot to fame on the competition in 2012 after she made it to the live shows as one of three female singers selected by mentor Tulisa.

Now, she’s back with new music and a new tour which will see her take to the stage at Glasgow’s SWG3 in May, and she says it’s “great” to still be performing a decade later.

"I think 10 years for anybody is a significant amount of time and if you look back on your life 10 years ago, you’d have no idea you would be where you are now," Lucy says.

"It’s interesting to see where life takes you."

Glasgow Times:
Glasgow Times:

Lucy’s single Everything Changes (Beer Fear Pt. II), which was released in August, takes a look back on the past decade after the chart-topping singer-songwriter decided she wanted to ‘bring back’ her song Last Night, which reached number 11 in the UK charts, after finding out it was going viral on TikTok and reaching new audiences.

She explains: "It’s a positive reflection on those last 10 years.

"Also, one of these young TikTok people told me my song Last Night has been viral on TikTok for forever, so much so that this kid said to me ‘oh you wrote that TikTok song.

"But I wanted to, not revive it because it’s stayed alive but, bring that song back in and put it out with a different perspective on it all."

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She continues: "It makes me laugh because I did a Freshers thing at Edge Hill Uni in Liverpool and someone passed a note onto the stage that said ‘I was eight years old when I watched your audition’ and I was like ‘oh my god’.

"And actually, I wrote that song when I was like 17 and it’s transcended between a few generations and it’s a real privilege to have a song that does that because not everybody gets that opportunity, even if it is a song like Beer Fear."

Glasgow Times:
Glasgow Times:

Following the release of her upcoming album Balance in April, Lucy will be embarking on her new UK & Ireland tour which starts in Glasgow.

The LGBTQ+ icon says she’s "so excited" to get back on stage and start her tour in front of a Glasgow audience.

"Every time I got to Glasgow, I am just so excited," Lucy says.

"My last big tour started at the Barrowlands and this tour, the first day is in Glasgow and it’s always funny because when there’s a show in Glasgow it sets the precedent for the audience for the rest of the tour and you spend the rest of the tour being like ‘they weren’t Glasgow were they’.

"I get to see my family when I come up to Glasgow too and so it always feels a bit like coming home for me even though I live in Manchester."

She continues: "An audience in Glasgow is a mixture of all of the things that you love from all different places.

"When the room is supposed to be quiet you can hear a pin drop, but when it’s supposed to be loud it’s like I’ve got in-ears in and you’re not supposed to be able to be able to hear the audience through them but my ears are ringing from the sound of people screaming."

Glasgow Times:
Glasgow Times:

And it’s not just performing in Glasgow that Lucy enjoys when she’s in the city.

"[When I’m in Glasgow] I like to eat deep-fried mars bars, actually deep friend anything," she laughs.

"And there are not many good bars, the nightlife, I don’t drink anymore but any time I’ve been out anywhere in Scotland it doesn’t feel like it matters because there’s such good energy, so I’ll still be going out after the show.

"I love Polo Lounge, I’ll be out in Polo Lounge after, it’s got a good vibe."

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So, what can the audience expect at Lucy’s gig in May?

"The show is going to be a very positive show, I want people to leave thinking they can just do anything and take on the whole world.

"I think after Covid not many people felt like that for a long time, and I want to get out there and spread a good message.

"So, it’s for anyone that’s looking for a good, positive, time."                                   

Lucy Spraggan will be at the SWG3 Galvanizers on Thursday, May 4.

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