X-Men '97 is so popular that Marvel is ramping up development on its X-Men movie with Hunger Games screenwriter

 Hugh Jackman as Wolverine, X-Men '97 still.
Hugh Jackman as Wolverine, X-Men '97 still.

Marvel Studios is wasting no time capitalizing on the big success of its X-Men '97 animated revival series by reportedly hiring a writer for its Marvel Cinematic Universe X-Men reboot movie. Taking the reins on the script is Michael Lesslie, who is hot off penning the Hunger Games: Ballad of Songbirds and Snakes movie (another big revival/reboot of a major franchise, of course).

And Marvel is specifically tying the accelerated movement on the long awaited film to the popularity of X-Men '97, according to Deadline who initially broke the news.

X-Men '97 wowed critics and fans alike by threading the needle of appealing to adults who grew up with the original series as well as new fans who are just getting into the X-Men by tackling some serious topics with philosophical care and eye-popping animated action.

And of course, a healthy dose of what X-fans love most, some soapy but all-too-relatable character drama.

Meanwhile, July's Deadpool & Wolverine, Marvel Studios' only movie this year, is also an X-Men revival, with Hugh Jackman reprising his role as Wolverine in a very '90s style costume. The movie will also bring back several other mutants from the original X-Men movie franchise.

Marvel Studios is also in the midst of filming its Fantastic Four reboot movie, which has recently been rounding out its cast with a few big actors in unnamed roles, as well as some major characters such as Galactus.

The film rights to both X-Men and Fantastic Four were previously controlled by 20th Century Fox, which is now of course simply 20th Century Studios, having been purchased by Disney, the parent company of Marvel Studios.

Frankly, Marvel could do a heck of a lot worse than leaning into the '90s X-Men aesthetic for their big revival movie, as long as they handle with care a la X-Men '97.

There is no director or actors attached to Marvel Studios' X-Men movie just yet.

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