X movie: Horror fans rave about A24’s ‘ingenious’ slasher film starring Mia Goth and Brittany Snow

Horror fans are raving about X, a new slasher film with a twist by A24, the same studio behind hits including Hereditary and Midsommar.

The newly released film by Ti West (previously The House of the Devil and The Sacrament) is the director’s first movie in over a decade.

X stars Mia Goth, Jenna Ortega from Netflix’s You, Brittany Snow, and Kid Cudi.

The film has been described as “genre blending”, mixing horror with dark comedy while playing on stereotypes of traditional slasher films of the Eighties.

Goth plays Maxine, an exotic dancer who works for Wayne (Martin Henderson) at a burlesque club.

The pair set out to make a low-budget porn film titled The Farmer’s Daughter, together with Bobby-Lynne ( Snow) and her boyfriend Jackson (Kid Cudi).

The crew arrive at a secluded farm owned by an elderly couple, Howard (Stephen Ure) and Pearl (Goth wearing prosthetics) who are uncomfortable with an adult film being shot on their property.

IndieWire described X as a “porn film within a horror film”, adding that it is an “ingenious rejiggering of genre archetypes”.

With a 96 per cent rating on Rotten Tomatoes, X has become the highest rated horror film of the year so far.

Viewers likewise have praised the film on Twitter.

“Highly recommend #XMovie. A slow burn but it surely payoff. Great cast, great story, great visuals,” wrote one user.

Another added: “Can’t stop thinking about X movie,” while someone else said: “X gave me 70s horror vibes, with sketchy characters and sex appeal. The cast did soooo good!”

“Finally A24 made a horror movie I genuinely liked. X was horrifying, funny and heartbreaking all at once. AVOID SPOILERS AT ALL COSTS,” wrote one person.

One person commented that the film “looks like if Reddit wrote the script of The Hills Have Eyes”.

X was so freaking insane. It’s such a disturbing film but at the same time… INCREDIBLE. It makes you feel uneasy so many times but so many unexpected crazy turns!!! LOVED IT!” added someone else.

X is currently in cinemas.