X-ray discovers cat trapped inside checked bag at New York’s JFK airport

A cat that sneaked into an air traveller’s luggage was trapped there until it was discovered by an X-ray machine at JFK airport in New York, possibly saving it from a grim fate in an aircraft luggage hold, travel authorities said.

NBC News reported that the cat’s brush with potential tragedy was detected on 16 November when a bag was checked from JFK to Atlanta for a connecting flight to Florida.

“The cat did not belong to the individual with the suitcase, it belonged to someone else in the household,” a TSA spokeswoman, Lisa Farbstein, told NBC News.

It is assumed the furtive feline climbed into the baggage without being noticed as the passenger packed, before being unwittingly zipped inside, taken to the aircraft and checked in.

As soon as the X-ray machine saw the cat, the luggage was opened. The cat was rescued safe and sound.