Xbox warns of store errors ahead of Starfield release


In the hours leading up to the proper Starfield launch, Xbox is warning that some error messages may be common in the early moments.

"If you experience any issues getting into Starfield today, please note that we are rolling out the game and it may take time to propagate through the system," Xbox says in a tweet from its support account. "If you receive an error message such as ‘do you own this game or app?’ or ‘are you too early’ - please be patient and try again shortly."

Starfield is, of course, a single-player game, which it won't be subject to the launch errors that often plague online multiplayer titles. The errors Xbox is warning of are tied directly to Microsoft's store infrastructure, which - like any online server - are going to take an uncertain amount of time to update once the Starfield release time hits.

Many players have already been enjoying the RPG thanks to the Starfield Early Access period that began last week. Early Access was made available to anyone who bought one of the game's more expensive editions. Today's release opens Starfield to everyone, including Xbox Game Pass subscribers and $70 game purchasers.

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