XL Bully escapes garden in Yorkshire and attacks owner and innocent dog while woman is arrested for using her mastiff as a 'weapon'

XL Bully (Photo: Luxorpics -
XL Bully (Photo: Luxorpics -

On Thursday, an XL Bully was seized in Sheffield and a mastiff in Doncaster after both were involved in dangerous incidents.

A 37-year-old woman was arrested on Harlington Crescent in Denaby Main after she was accused of using her mastiff-type dog to cause fear and distress towards a man.

Only eight minutes later, police were called to Laburnum Grove in Killamarsh after an XL Bully escaped from its home and attacked a dog walker and their pet, seriously injuring the person.

South Yorkshire Police’s dog officer PC Paul Jameson said: “We’re continuing to see an increase in incidents involving dogs being out of control, or causing fear, and without action, and we fear it is only a matter of time until we experience another fatality within South Yorkshire.

“We’re urging dog owners of all breeds to up their efforts in keeping everyone safe. Please stop thinking ‘my dog wouldn’t do that’, ‘my dog wouldn’t bite my child’. This can happen to anyone.

“During this month, we have already seen several children requiring hospital treatment for attacks by their own family pets, innocent dog walkers being left with serious injuries by loose dogs and officers suffering injury during their response.

“Although we are seeing an increase in incidents, we are also seeing many victims who do not wish to prosecute and support a police investigation.

“I would like to reassure you that we do not put all dogs we seize to sleep. If there is no risk to the public, where possible we work with the owner, alongside charities, including the Blue Cross, to refer owners onto a responsible dog ownership course and put measures in place to reduce risk.

“Of the dogs we seize, we take into consideration the reason why it has been brought to our attention and, where possible, work with charities and rehoming centres.

“If anyone has concerns about a dog in the community, please do not hesitate to get in touch.”

The 53-year-old owner of a mastiff which escaped its garden and attacked a man walking his dog on Handsworth Road in Sheffield last week has voluntarily consented for the dog to be destroyed, police confirmed yesterday.