Yahoo to axe Facebook and Google sign-in option from its services

Yahoo to axe Facebook and Google sign-in option from its services

Yahoo ceo marissa Mayer has been making changes to the company in an attempt to drum up public interest in it, but if you want to use any of its services in the future, you’ll need to dust down your Yahoo ID.

The company is removing the option to log into any of Yahoo’s services, such as Flickr, using a Facebook or Google account.

According to Reuters, current users will need to register for a Yahoo ID if they want to use any of its apps or services.

The first service to introduce the new sign-in process was Sports Tourney Pick’Em, a fantasy college basketball site, on Monday. No timeline has been given for when other Yahoo services will see the change, but it will be introduced gradually.

No real reason has been given for reversing this decision except a statement from a Yahoo spokesperson who said it will allow the company “to offer the best personalised experience to everyone.”

The move also ties in with the company decision to recycle inactive Yahoo email addresses. Back in June, it announced that new users can claim email addresses that had not been used for twelve months.

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