Microminis, rare lobsters and Kim Kardashian's Marilyn Monroe moment: The stories Yahoo Life readers cared about most this year

Kim Kardashian, Stormy Daniels, Sydney Carter and Maitland Ward were among the subjects of Yahoo Life's most-read stories of 2022. (Photo: Getty Images)
Kim Kardashian, Stormy Daniels, Sydney Carter and Maitland Ward were among the subjects of Yahoo Life's most-read stories of 2022. (Photo: Getty Images) (Photo: Getty Images)

If there was a theme of Yahoo Life’s top stories from 2022, it would be women who are living unapologetically. This year, Yahoo Life readers flocked to profiles of women are defying convention and doing things their way, from Texas A&M coach Sydney Carter — who pushed back when critics came after her bold fashion choices — to mom Jamie Lynne Grumet, who famously breastfed her then-4-year-old son on the cover of Time.

Sex was also top of mind, as readers were drawn to our candid interviews with women finding a foothold in the adult entertainment industry, including Stormy Daniels and Mia Khalifa. While daring fashions like microminis and the "naked dress" trend drew clicks, readers also schooled up on female anatomy, thanks to stories about vaginas, masturbation and labiaplasty.

Need a refresher, or just want to catch up on buzzy stories you might have missed? Behold, Yahoo Life’s top stories of the year:

Maitland Ward on why she went from Hollywood to porn: 'It's scary to forge your own path, but it's the only way that you're going to be happy'

By Kaitlin Reilly and Olivia Schneider

In her interview for Yahoo Life’s Unapologetically series, Boy Meets World alum Ward shared how she found freedom and acceptance in the porn industry after leaving Hollywood. The star also highlighted her experiences with ageism and how her career has impacted her relationship with her husband.

1-in-30 million rare lobster spared from steamer after Red Lobster employees discover her in shipment

By Josie Maida

It was a very lucky day for lobster Cheddar, who was spared from a dinner plate at Red Lobster thanks to her incredibly rare orange hue. She was moved to Ripley's Marine Science Research Center in Myrtle Beach, where she’ll stay until a permanent home can be found.

Kim Kardashian’s Sports Illustrated Swimsuit cover sparks criticism: 'I've never been so disappointed'

By Kerry Justich

The Kardashians are no stranger to controversy, and Kim K’s first Sports Illustrated cover was no exception. One person on the SKIMS mogul’s side? MJ Day, the publication’s editor-in-chief, who applauded the star for her ability to overcome negativity.

7 fascinating facts about female masturbation

By Rachel Grumman Bender

Yahoo Life shares everything you wish you knew about female masturbation, but were too afraid to ask — including how it can improve one’s sex life with a partner.

Mom who breastfed 4-year-old on iconic 'Time' magazine cover looks back: 'I didn't like the photo'

By Beth Greenfield

Jamie Lynne Grumet made headlines for breastfeed her son on the cover of Time — and became the face of attachment parenting in the process. Grumet looks back at the controversy and why she felt “overwhelmed” by the media attention garnered by her parenting decisions.

Mia Khalifa on why her work in the adult film industry wasn't a 'death sentence': 'The difference is now, it is all for me'

By Kerry Justich

Mia Khalifa became the most-watched actress on PornHub in 2014. In Yahoo Life’s series It Figures, she spoke about how she found her way to adult entertainment after growing up feeling insecure about her body and how she’s reclaimed her agency after negative experiences with sex work.

Why Sydney Sweeney’s micromini outfit feels like a threat to body positivity: 'So coveted yet unachievable'

By Kerry Justich

The Euphoria actress was just one of many stars to sport the micromini trend in 2022, but some people aren’t thrilled with how the look is only wearable on small bodies. Experts spoke out about why the renewed popularity of the micromini can feel harmful to strides society has made in terms of body acceptance.

Stormy Daniels sets the record straight on Trump, plastic surgery and misinformation: ‘There’s just so much that people didn't know’

By Olivia Schneider and David Artavia

Stormy Daniels was one of the most talked about side players to come out of Donald Trump’s presidency, and in her Unapologetically interview with Yahoo Life, she doesn’t hold back on how she dealt with the negativity she received online. As she joked in the piece, “Call me what you will, but you won’t call me broke.”

How actress Angela Featherstone's painful childhood inspired her mission to help others transition out of foster care

By Brittany Jones-Cooper

The Friends actress spoke to Yahoo Life about her experiences with foster care and sex trafficking, and shared how she’s helping others through the organization Fostering Care, which helps former foster kids navigate their next steps.

What is labiaplasty? Plastic surgeons explain.

By Rachel Grumman Bender

Experts weigh in on this rising plastic surgery trend — the popularity of which may be partially blamed on tight-fitting pants and leggings as well as the prevalence of porn.

My party of 4 spent $700 on dinner at Disney World's California Grill and we're still talking about the filet mignon and sushi

By Terri Peters

Have you ever been tempted to go all out at one of Disney World’s fanciest restaurants? Terri Peters shares what dishes were worth the splurge.

Texas A&M coach Sydney Carter responds to outfit criticism: 'I’m unapologetically myself every day'

By Kerry Justich

Can a basketball coach hit a game in pink leather pants? Former WNBA player Carter gave Yahoo Life a resounding “yes” and explained why she doesn’t care what anyone thinks of her fashion choices.

6 fascinating facts about vaginas that every woman should know

By Korin Miller

Experts debunk some of the myths surrounding the vagina, including whether you need special products to keep it clean.

Kim Kardashian's Met Gala moment has 'permanently altered' Marilyn Monroe 'Happy Birthday' dress, say heartbroken collectors

By Kerry Justich

Not everyone was a fan of Kim Kardashian’s Met Gala moment, in which she donned Marilyn Monroe’s crystal-studded gown. (And famously shed weight in order to do so.) Historians shared how the reality star’s Met Gala outing damaged the dress, and why they were disappointed to see Kardashian being allowed to wear it to the event.

Stylist Maeve Reilly brought back the naked dress. How the revealing look made one celebrity feel 'the hottest she's ever felt'

By Kerry Justich

As celebrities like Megan Fox are wearing what seems to be more and more revealing clothes on the red carpet, stylist Maeve Reilly weighs in on her role in bringing the trend back to life.

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