Yahoo News Digest launches in the UK: Get in the know in no time

By Nick D'Aloisio, Product Manager, Mobile and Emerging Products

These days, getting up to speed on the day’s news can be overwhelming - especially on mobile devices where you’re trying to find stuff quickly and on the move. That’s why today, we’re excited to introduce the UK edition of Yahoo News Digest for iPhone and iPod touch.

Yahoo News Digest delivers the top news for a UK audience twice a day, right to your mobile device. Our Digests provide a definitive summary of all the need-to-know news so you can stay on top of what’s happening. To help you get in the know quickly, our stories are created from multiple sources and aren’t all text. They are made from information gathered from across the web and put together into units we call atoms.

The atomic units include summaries, maps, infographics, stock tickers, Wikipedia extracts, videos, photos, quotes and more. We’ve just launched two new atoms; weather and statistics. The stories and atoms are algorithmically produced but editorially curated demonstrating the perfect blend of technology and journalism.

Remember waking up to the local morning news? Coming home to the evening news? Reading a newspaper from front to back page? Getting the day’s news like this has been a daily habit since the invention of the printing press. We wanted Yahoo News Digest to bring back that sense of completion and conclusiveness, much like reading the newspaper did.

With Summly, we learned that people don’t necessarily have the time to read a lengthy article, especially on a small mobile screen. By giving powerful algorithmic summaries, we found that people actually read more content when it was boiled down to the most important elements.

As with my other apps, I've enjoyed building for the UK App Store and cannot wait to bring my latest product to users.

Download the app from the Apple app store here:

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