Yahoo Sports College Podcast: Is Florida State hopeless or hopeful?

Imagine putting all this glitter on yourself, just to see Florida State lose. (Getty Images)

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We’re only one week in, but it’s never too early to issue some sweeping proclamations. On today’s episode, Dan Wetzel and Pat Forde play a game of “hopeless or hopeful?” hitting upon Willie Taggart’s dismal debut and surrender cobra at Florida State, the Braylon Edwards vs. Jim Harbaugh bout in Ann Arbor and Tom Herman citing “Of Mice and Men” down in Texas. The futures of the ACC and the Pac 12 are also discussed.

(via ESPN)

Also on the show:

• Will Colin Kaepernick’s Nike deal affect any schools that sport the swoosh?
• A look at this weekend’s games including Clemson-Texas A&M and Georgia-South Carolina.
• The incredibly thorough foresight of Nebraska’s legal team (They’ve got a South Dakota invasion of Nebraska covered if and when it happens!)
• Who in the world is buying Rick Pitino’s new book?
• Pat and Dan’s relationship advice: The Scottish guy who proposed to his girlfriend via cow.

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