Yahoo Sports' Premier League DARTS: 2017-18 season hub

Henry Bushnell
Manchester City lifts the 2017-18 Premier League trophy. (Getty)
Manchester City lifts the 2017-18 Premier League trophy. (Getty)

Premier League DARTS, Yahoo Sports‘ weekly EPL column, runs every Monday or Tuesday morning during the season. Why “DARTS”? Because Henry Bushnell recaps the weekend’s biggest games with Discussion, Analysis, Reactions, Takeaways and Superlatives.

With the 2018-19 campaign now underway, and DARTS returning Monday morning, below are links to all 31 DARTS columns from the 2017-18 season.

Yahoo Sports’ Premier League DARTS columns, 2017-18

Week 2: Chelsea-Spurs, Man United’s counter, and Arsenal’s complaints

Week 3: Sifting through the Arsenal wreckage

Week 4: Man City’s romp, Mane’s red, and Everton’s woe

Week 5: How Arsenal stymied Chelsea

Week 6: Why the top five are the top five

Week 7: City’s brilliance, its Chelsea chess, and “the Harry Kane team”

Week 8: Classic Mourinho, underwhelming United, and a nose-picking Arsenal midfielder

Week 9: How North London trounced Merseyside

Week 10: Kane’s absence, Mourinho’s message, and Everton’s dilemma

Week 11: City’s sword, Arsene’s absurdity, and Chelsea’s Bakayoko solution

Week 12: How Arsenal created its own luck

Week 13: Liverpool-Chelsea, Pulis-y West Brom, and dysfunctional Everton

Week 15: Arsenal-United, and the midfield dynamic that defined it

Week 16: Is the title race already over?

Week 18: Spurs came at the king and missed … badly

Week 19: Big Six collapses, and a halfway-point reset

Week 20: Man United, Liverpool splits, calendar years and a Chelsea bromance

Week 22: Down with holiday fixture congestion

Week 23: How Liverpool made Manchester City mortal

Week 24: Liverpool’s moodiness, and the EPL’s messy basement

Week 26: Liverpool and Tottenham, wondergoals and controversies

Week 27: Manchester United’s Paul Pogba problem

Week 28: Jose Mourinho got lucky

Week 29: Evaluating criticisms of Conte, Wenger

Week 30: What makes Manchester City so good

Week 32: How Tottenham’s false 9 tweak undid Chelsea

Week 33: Why the Manchester Derby was a game of two halves

Week 34: Reconciling Manchester City’s money with its mastery

Week 36: Reflections on the relegation battle

Week 37: End-of-season awards, superlatives

Week 38: What we learned in 2017-18