Yankees Need to Fill Vacancy at Designated Hitter: A Fan's Take

The New York Yankees offseason was to be about starting pitching. Now that they have addressed that need will deals that brought in Michael Pineda and Hiroki Kuroda the Yankees have another hole, designated hitter.

Jesus Montero, who the Yankees traded to the Seattle Mariners to get Michael Pineda, was supposed to be the Bombers main DH. No one currently on the roster seems a natural fit for the position.

Now some people believe you can just stick anyone in the DH slot and you will be fine. I personally think a team is much better off have a full time DH. The Yankees may need to use Alex Rodriguez and Derek Jeter there occasionally, but I believe they will need to pick somebody up.

Here are four current free agents that just might fit the bill.

Johnny Damon: The Yankees have reportedly had contact with Damon's agent. Damon spent last season with the Tampa Bay Rays. He had a batting average of .261 and drove in 73 runs. Damon made $5.25 million in 2011 and would probably need to take a pay cut to join the Bombers. He spent four years with the Yankees so we know that playing in New York won't bother him any. Damon may just be the best option for the Yankees.

Vladimir Guerrero: He hit only 13 home runs in 2011, but I would love to see Guerrero in pinstripes. He has been one of my favorite players for a long time so wanting to see him play for my favorite team is natural. The Yankees are probably looking for a lefty to fill this role, so it is mostly wishful thinking on my part. Guerrero made $7.6 million with the Baltimore Orioles last season.

Hideki Matsui: This is another guy that has proven he can play under the bright lights on New York. Matsui drove in 72 runs last year for the Oakland A's but saw his batting average drop to .251. He made $4.25 million last season and will probably make less this season.

Carlos Pena: The Yankees have talked to Pena about coming to the Bronx. As long as the fans can deal with seeing a guy hit around .200 and strikeout 150 times, then Pena may be a good fit in Yankee Stadium. He has good power and can draw some walks as well. He is the youngest of the four I have listed, 33-years-old, and would probably be the most expensive. He made $10 million with the Chicago Cubs last season.

There is also one other name I came across as a possibility. The thought of this guy coming to my Yankees made me feel queasy so I didn't add him, J.D. Drew. If Brian Cashman brings this injury waiting to happen to New York I would call for Cashman's job immediately. Drew plays the game with absolutely zero passion and he misses two weeks if he cuts his finger nails too far down. Seeing Drew in pinstripes would almost make me want to cry.

Darren Pare is a third generation Yankees fan. The unique thing is that he lives in the middle of Red Sox nation, Maine, and has for all his life and that gives him a different perspective. You can follow him on Twitter @dpare71.

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