From the Yarborough estate to Gelato King - award-winning ice cream maker opens new parlour

-Credit: (Image: Donna Clifford/GrimsbyLive)
-Credit: (Image: Donna Clifford/GrimsbyLive)

A Grimsby businessman has got it licked by expanding his ice-cream parlour into new premises.

Baci & Co in Louth's Cornmarket now has customers queuing out the door with "overwhelming" demand. But it is no surprise to the former Hereford schoolboy, turned award-winning ice-cream maker.

Darren Swales said everything is made fresh on the premises and has made Baci & Co synonymous with a trip to Louth. For generations, a trip to Louth included a walk round Hubbard's Hills and a visit to Mr Chips. Now, Baci & Co is a must visit on that list too.


The lad who grew up on Grimsby's Yarborough estate is welcoming visitors with quality ice-cream and coffee and cakes. His wife, Sandra Swales is patisserie trained and was mentored by the world-renowned Alain Ducasse. She makes all the pastries and cheesecakes.

The couple have taken on three new staff and the venue has capacity for 24 diners, enjoying hot drinks and cakes, as well as a wide range of delicious ice-creams.

Some of the delicious ice cream at Baci & Co -Credit:Send In/GrimsbyLive
Some of the delicious ice cream at Baci & Co -Credit:Send In/GrimsbyLive

Among the 180 flavours of ice cream Darren can make are classics, like Eton Mess and Raspberry Ripple, Strawberry and Ultra Vanilla, to mention just four. Customers are also lapping up pineapple, mango, passion fruit, triple chocolate and salted caramel honeycomb.

"We want to expand slowly, so we can cope with the demand. So far the response has been overwhelming," told Darren. He was crowned UK Gelato king in 2019 with his heavenly lemon, fresh mint and zesty lime ripple creation

He and Sandra have received several cards, as well as gifts of chocolate, flowers and gin. Among some of the early feedback comments are praise for bringing the Grade II former Telegraph newspaper offices back into use.

"One customer said it was like having a bit of Chelsea brought to Louth. Another thanked us for investing in the town," the owner said.

Darren said he is also eyeing up scope to expand further. He added: "We had the option of opening in Beverley. But my view is that we make one shop the best rather than having two that are mediocre."

Kim Spielmanns said: "The ice cream is amazing. It is the best for over 100 miles. It is the best I have had in England. Coming from Germany, I have been missing great quality ice-cream and here it is on our doorstep." She hailed the Greek yoghurt and cherry ice-cream as "wow, brilliant."

There are other desserts on offer at Baci & Co too -Credit:Send In/GrimsbyLive
There are other desserts on offer at Baci & Co too -Credit:Send In/GrimsbyLive

Customer Matt Brown said: "Louth is famous for its butcher, baker and now has its own ice-cream maker. It is the premier market town in Lincolnshire and one of the best market towns in the UK. The Chocolate Fudge Brownie is brilliant and the Gran Noir is excellent. There has been no home of ice cream in Lincolnshire, until Baci & Co came along. It is the home of Gelato. My partner is diabetic, so she needs a healthy option.

"Louth is a food town and has a lot of artisan shops and restaurants, many of them family run, like the Helal Tandoori and the Woolpack, which serves the best Sunday lunches in Lincolnshire. Here, you are made to feel part of the family."

Clare Baker said: "It is a real asset to the town."

Darren also offers a takeaway ice-cream service with Italian-made thermal takeaway containers to keep the ice-cream fresh to take home and freeze.