Yawn! The Average Brit Spends 15 Months Of Their Life Lying Awake At Night

The average Brit will spend 15 months of their life lying awake at night - according to new research.

The study, commissioned by Privilege home insurance, found that we’re a nation of nocturnal worriers - spending precisely 10,920 hours of our lives awake at night.

And it seems that it gets worse as we hit middle-age, with 50-year-olds experiencing the most frequent sleepless nights, while 64 is the age where we experience the longest sleepless nights.

It’s also claimed that common reasons for sleeplessness include financial instability, alongside work-related stress for 34 percent of men, and family worries for 29 percent of women.

A fifth of those surveyed also admitted worries about their relationship problems at night, and 22 per cent of women admit to thinking about their weight during sleepless nights.

Manchester is also believed to be the area of the UK where sleeplessness is at its height, with Mancunians lying wide eyed for approximately 98 minutes every night.

Dan Simson, the head of Privilege home insurance, said: ‘The report revealed that over 3.7 million or eight per cent of UK adults worry about crime and burglary at night amongst other things.

‘The Sleepless Nights Report emerged from us wanting to understand what people worry about. Ultimately, we can’t take these worries away but we can provide our customers with the peace of mind that comes with having a high quality insurance policy they can be assured has no hidden catches.’

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