'Yay!' Mark Zuckerberg shares home video of the moment he got into Harvard

The teenager in this grainy home video went on to invent a world-changing platform for online communication and become a driving force for globalization.

But when the clip was made, the terms ‘social media’ and ‘Facebook’ would have left people scratching their heads.

Mark Zuckerberg (PA)
Mark Zuckerberg (PA)

Over fifiteen years later, Facebook inventor Mark Zuckerberg has shared a sweet video filmed by his dad, of the moment that he found out he had gotten into the Ivy League university of his choice; Harvard.

His proud dad, Edward, wanted to capture the moment that the course of his son’s life would change.

Zuckerberg dropped out of university but is about to receive an honorary degree there, and shared the clip ahead of his graduation ceremony.

In the video, Edward can be heard saying to his son, then aged 17: ‘Here is an email from Harvard. Is that correct?’

The teen quietly replies: ‘Yes. Wait, put that away for a second….

‘Oh man. Yay. Got accepted!’

Dad: ‘Are you serious?’


Edward celebrates as he says: ‘Or right!! Yesss!! Great!! OK so we are now focusing on one of the newest members of Harvard’s class of 2006. And the dog that belongs to one of the newest members of the class of 2006.’

Zuckerberg – whose story from student to billionaire tech inventor is told in movie ‘The Social Network’ – developed the idea for Facebook while he was at Harvard.

It now has 1 billion active users and Zuckerberg is said to be worth an estimated $58.6 billion, making him the fifth richest man in the world.


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