Top 10 searches for daily habits

What’s on telly? What's the weather’s going to be like? When's my next train?

All pressing questions - but it turns out what people wanted to know this year more than anything else was stock prices.

You can see why. It’s not something you can predict or look at a few days in advance, it changes daily and it’s really quite important if you’ve got money in the markets.

But it’s still a surprise to see that the most popular daily search in a nation that’s famously obsessed with weather is in fact money. Meteorological matters come in third place, just below the lottery.

Considering millions play the lottery, checking the latest numbers is understandably important to a lot of people.

Exchange rates (fourth) and information on trains (fifth) round off the top five daily searches of 2012.

TV listings also makes the top 10 as people try to plan their night’s viewing, while breakfast shows Daybreak and This Morning also make the list, with their daily competitions drawing people in to looking for their sites online.

Britons also search daily to see their horoscopes as well as checking their fantasy team standing.

Top 10 daily habit searches
1.    Stock prices
2.    Lottery
3.    Weather
4.    Exchange rates
5.    Rail
6.    TV listings
7.    Fantasy sport
8.    Horoscopes
9.    Daybreak
10.    This Morning