After years of delays and spiralling costs boxer Amir Khan’s £16m 800-capacity wedding venue is finally set to open

Boxer Amir Khan’s long delayed £16M wedding venue has been granted an entertainment licence despite concerns from neighbours about potential noise. The Balmayna, off Deane Road in Bolton, has faced years of problems, but is now set to officially open after a late night entertainment licence was granted by the council.

The former world champion and Olympic silver medallist boxer received planning permission for the project back in 2013. But in the years that followed, it was repeatedly rocked by setbacks as costs spiralled. The Balmayna will be able to cater for weddings and other celebrations for up to 800 people.

The licensing application requested permission for live and recorded music and dancing at the venue until midnight. No application for an alcohol licence was made.

In submissions to the panel, neighbours objected to the licence application on the basis of noise. One said: ” Any noise made by this new facility during late hours will definitely cause noise pollution for the community that already live here and make it impossible to sleep.”

Another objector, said: “We live in front of the venue and we object to live recorded music and performance of dance as it will cause noise and will be disturbing to us people living here.” Bolton businessman Mohammad Jaberansari is director of Excellency Plaza Ltd, who also operate a similar wedding venue in Salford.

He has worked with Amir Khan to complete the the project and his company will manage the venue. He told the licensing panel: “We got involved in the project around two years ago.

“The property has been empty for around 10 years, it’s been all over the papers due to the flytipping, drug usage and other issues in the surrounding area. “We contacted Amir Khan with a view to finishing the project. We wanted to bring it to life as it was such a shame that it was not is use. “Amir himself has spent £10M on this project and I’ve personally spent around £6M.

“The building is soundproof and we are not applying for an alcohol licence. “I do genuinely care about the neighbours, the wider community and improving the economy of Bolton.

“At the moment we have around 80 full time staff and 20 part time and there will be more and more job opportunities once the premises licence is granted. “The local businesses are so happy that the venue is coming to life.”

Mr Jaberansari said since his involvement, many issues surrounding the venue have been resolved. He said: “When we took over the flytipping in the area was beyond belief but working with the council that’s been sorted.

“There was also a problem with teenagers doing balloons and littering the streets with gas canisters. “It was damaging our reputation. “Ever since we joined we’ve had full time security and CCTV so that is no more.

“We have genuinely tried to improve the area and 90 per cent of the neighbours have benefited from this and are very happy. “It’s a very opulent venue. We have chandeliers, marble.

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"We hope it becomes the pride of Bolton. “These sorts of venues, you normally expect them near London, not in Bolton, but I would rather invest in my home town.”

Mr Jaberansari said that there would be no fireworks allowed as part of wedding celebrations and those booking events would be at risk of losing their deposits of £2,000 if pyrotechnics were let off. The panel approved the application for a premises licence.