Year's Worth of Cute Moments Show Growing Bond Between Baby and Labrador

A Texas mom has compiled some heart-melting clips shot between August last year and June this year of her toddler and dog growing together and forming a tight bond.

At the beginning of the adorable video, recorded by Aleshia Ferguson, Toby the black Labrador can be seen reassuringly laying his head on baby Zaine’s tummy, licking her fingers as the tot starts making whining sounds.

“When I first saw the bond, I thought maybe it [was] just a one-time thing,” Ferguson told Storyful, but as they both grew, she said, it got stronger.

“When she cries he checks on her, when she’s napping he will lay near her or just go check her,” she said.

In one of the clips, Toby is seen placing his paw on Ferguson’s arm as she tries to reach for the baby.

Toby joined the family when Ferguson’s wife was pregnant with Zaine. “We knew he would be near Zaine as a baby and we desensitized him as a puppy so that the pats and touch of a small child wouldn’t be anything unusual,” she said.

Ferguson explained that she and her wife were careful not to allow Zaine in the room when Toby was eating, or when the dog looked like he needed some space.

“He gets to run around the yard and play and release some of his energy so that he isn’t too hyper or excited before they play together, as she is small and easy to knock over.

“He is a large dog but he is loyal, smart, loving, and gentle,” she said. Credit: Aleshia Ferguson via Storyful

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