Yellow thunder warning issued for Leicestershire with 'heavy showers' forecast

Lightning strikes a rapeseed field in Hampshire, England
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A thunderstorm weather warning is in place for parts of Leicestershire today (Tuesday, July 9). The Met Office yellow warning is in place from 2pm until 11.59pm.

Leicester is not within the area itself, but parts of Charnwood, North West Leicestershire and Hinckley and Bosworth are. Towns such as Loughborough, Coalville and Hinckley could be hit with “thundery downpours”, according to the Met Office.

The service said flooding may be possible “in a few places.” It said: “Heavy showers are likely to break out this afternoon and move northwards, slowly dying out during the evening and first part of the night.

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Today's thunderstorm warning
Today's thunderstorm warning -Credit:Met Office

“Many places will miss these, but where they do occur, there is the chance of some localised impacts from heavy rain, as well as damage from lightning strikes. 10-20 mm of rain is possible in an hour or so, with some places potentially seeing 30 mm in a few hours.”

A flood alert is currently in place for the Loughborough urban watercourses and local tributaries to the River Soar. A flood alert for the tributaries in Leicester city was removed at 12.44pm today.

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