Yellowstone season 5 premiere airs stunning twist

luke grimes as kayce dutton, yellowstone
Yellowstone season 5 premiere airs shocking twistParamount

Yellowstone spoilers follow.

Yellowstone aired a shocking twist in the premiere of season five as Kayce's season four vision comes to fruition.

At the end of last season, Kayce (Luke Grimes) went on a vision quest after going through an existential crisis. He came away with the vision having seen "the end of us".

In the season premiere, Kayce pursues a pack of horse thieves before they cross the Canadian border. Meanwhile, his wife Monica (Kelsey Asbille) sits at home experiencing painful contractions three weeks before her baby is due.

luke grimes as kayce dutton, yellowstone

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She travels with her son Tate (Brecken Merrill) to the hospital and tragedy ensues. A trucker driving in the opposite direction and a giant cow standing in the middle of her lane causes a shocking and harrowing car accident.

Monica ends up losing her baby son, who was only alive for an hour. Tate explains to his grandfather that Monica named the baby John before he died. The incident marked a tragic and startling return to Yellowstone, which is now in its fifth season.

There has been no official renewal of the Western TV series as of yet, so it's unsure if a sixth season will happen. However, there is plenty of other content for Yellowstone fans to sink their teeth into as the Taylor Sheridan universe continues to expand.

kelsey asbille, gil birmingham, yellowstone

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There are currently three Yellowstone spinoff series. 1883 premiered last year in December, while a present-day spinoff titled 6666 is heading to our screens next year. Plus, 1923 will debut on Paramount+ this December.

That show recently released its first look at stars Indiana Jones legend Harrison Ford, who recently joined the MCU, and The Queen actress Helen Mirren.

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