Yemeni 'war dance' is now a staple at weddings

STORY: This 12 year-old is performing

a Yemeni dance of war

Location: Sanaa, Yemen

It's called the 'Baraa'

and it used to announce

upcoming battles

Today it's a staple at weddings


"The Baraa is a very ancient traditional Yemeni dance. It is a must at all weddings - it’s indispensable, and every tribe and village has its own take on the ‘Baraa’. We can’t do without this tradition at any wedding, be it large or small."

Ahmad Khuraish is part

of a folkloric group

That performs 'Baraa' dances

at weddings across the city


"I first learned the drums about 4-5 years ago, and my father was the one who trained me. ‘Baraa’ means everything to me, it’s my hobby."

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