Yes, You Can Actually Make Potato Chips In The Microwave

Bowl of homemade potato chips.
Bowl of homemade potato chips. - Rui Elena/Shutterstock

From noodles and potatoes to eggs and cake, many foods can be cooked (not just reheated) in the microwave. Many of us have cooked whole potatoes in the microwave, but what about potato chips? In case you didn't know, you can make delicious, crispy microwave potato chips in as little as 15 minutes (including 8 to 10 minutes of cooking time).

You might be wondering why you should make your own potato chips when you can just buy a bag. For one, these microwave potato chips aren't deep fried in oil like store-bought chips, making them a much healthier alternative, nor do they contain the unhealthy preservatives needed to prolong their shelf life. In addition to being healthier and containing fewer calories, you can also choose to add as much salt and other seasonings as you want to make them delicious and unique. As with many foods made from scratch, there is a natural, un-processed flavor in homemade potato chips that you simply cannot get from ones made in a factory.

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Tips For Making Microwave Potato Chips

Mandoline slicer for potatoes.
Mandoline slicer for potatoes. - Arina P Habich/Shutterstock

To make this tasty snack, you'll need russet potatoes and seasonings such as parmesan cheese, pepper, salt, and garlic powder. If you want to spice them up a bit and incorporate some barbecue flavor, try adding chili powder, cayenne pepper, or paprika. Combine onion and garlic powder for sour cream and onion chips. You can even sprinkle some cinnamon sugar on your sliced potatoes to satisfy a sweet tooth. The possibilities are endless. No matter what spices you use, the key to making the best, crunchiest microwave potato chips is to slice them super thin. A mandoline slicer works best for cutting the potatoes as thin as possible which helps them cook evenly.

It's also imperative to coat your microwave-safe plate with olive oil before cooking the potatoes. This will add flavor, help the chips get crispy, and prevent them from sticking. It's advised to soak the potato slices in cold water before microwaving as well, which rinses off some of the starch and results in crispier chips.

Other Ways To Make Homemade Chips

Air fryer and plate of chips.
Air fryer and plate of chips. - Enjoy The Life/Shutterstock

While microwaving potato chips is easy, less messy than frying, and results in a crispy and delicious snack, the microwave isn't the best appliance for making loads of chips. It's good for making a side or small snack for one, but not adequate for feeding party guests or a pack of kids at a sleepover. Since you can only microwave a small batch at one time, it would simply take too long to make a large bowl full. If you want to make a larger batch of homemade potato chips, there are more suitable cooking methods, such as frying them in a cast iron skillet, or if you have a deep fryer, you can make lots of ultra-crispy chips in no time. However, they won't be as healthy, and you'll have to deal with the oily mess it creates.

Air-fryer potato chips are another super easy way to make crispy chips at home without the mess. The preparation is similar to microwaving chips, but instead of placing the thinly sliced potatoes on a greased plate, you put them in an air fryer basket that's been sprayed with oil. It takes about double the time of microwaving, but if you have a large or double-basket air fryer, you may be able to make a larger batch.

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