From yoga to brushing your teeth — Americans learned to go with the flow through self-care routines

If we've learned one thing during the course of the pandemic, it's how to roll with the punches. According to new research of 2,000 Millennial and Gen Z Americans, 70% found that the top lesson they learned in 2020 was to not sweat the small stuff and to just go with the flow. Nearly three out of four respondents agreed that they're finally prioritizing themselves and their own needs for the first time in a long time - which makes it clear that Americans putting themselves first and foremost is much overdue. Conducted by OnePoll on behalf of Pronamel, the survey analyzed the ins and outs of the self-care routines for people under 40 and found that nine in 10 respondents have a set routine that takes about an hour every day. On average, those polled have a six-step self-care routine which focuses primarily on activities that boost endorphins, such as yoga, meditation and exercise. Other feel-good moments respondents pursue include classics like face masks, curling up with a good book, bubble baths and a glass of wine.

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