New York blazer company takes a hit from U.S.-China tariffs

Many American small business owners are feeling the pinch from the U.S.-China trade war.

Marko Andrus, Owner of Bask Pool Supply, is one of them.

His New York-based business producing terry cloth blazers was doing so well - that in 2018 he decided to partner with a factory in China to expand production.


“We get to this point that every business wants where you now can't catch up with demand. You have to go overseas in order to make your stuff. And then when you finally do and it starts going perfectly well you know the kind of the rug gets pulled out from under you or now your prices are going to increase by 20 or 25 percent. So that's frustrating.

"Our Chinese factory is scrambling. And they're scrambling immediately. And what they've done is now, they've said, 'look, if this becomes a bigger problem for you, then we'll move, we'll find a factory in Vietnam, and we'll make your stuff there. And, so, they've gone ahead and done that so that. So, really, you're just going to be moving chess pieces around in this game in order to avoid these tariffs. And, I think, you're seeing a lot of bigger companies, much bigger than mine doing that. And they're able to do that at the drop of a hat. But we're much slower."

A U.S. official said high-level trade talks will proceed this week as planned… but President Donald Trump has said tariffs on Chinese imports will rise on October 15th if no progress is made.