New York City goes all out against Covid-19 as threat of Delta variant looms

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More than 70% of New Yorkers have either received their first vaccine dose or are fully vaccinated and Covid-19 restrictions are lifted. However, some neighbourhoods, like the Bronx, are still lagging behind in vaccinations.

Predominantly Black areas like Queens, Brooklyn and the Bronx are seeing less than half of residents fully vaccinated.

The city authorities have sent mobile vaccine clinics to those neighbourhoods to encourage residents to get the jab.

Locals queueing for the vaccine at Fordham Plaza in the Bronx said that the vaccine bus made it quicker and easier for them to get the shot.

Children aged 12 and up are eligible for the shot. Single mother Corally Camargo brought her 12-year-old daughter, Carolyn, to get her second dose of the Pfizer vaccine.

"When they go to school, I wanna make sure when they go inside the classes and sit down. I wanna make sure they’re all safe," said Corally.

Carolyn got her first shot at the Bronx zoo, which is also offering the vaccine on certain days of the week.

School canteen worker Desiree Mitchell said that she had been nervous about getting the vaccine but that she had promised her husband she would come.

There are advertisements for the Covid-19 vaccine all over New York City, in the subways and on billboards.

Grand Central Station is offering jabs in exchange for free rides.

But New York is among 25 states reporting an increase in Covid-19 cases largely due to variants.

Dr. Irwin Redlener, the Founding Director of the National Center for Disaster Preparedness (NCDP) said that New York must not let its guard down yet.

“The variants and especially the delta variant now is a serious problem. And one of the reasons that I’m very anxious about opening everything too early, including opening the schools too early, is that a lot of this is not under control," Dr. Redlener said. "I mean, when you say 70% of New Yorkers have gotten at least one dose of the vaccine that’s good but children can't get vaccinated if they’re under the age of 12 and the teachers are not required to be vaccinated, so I think we’re dealing with a potential threat that we don’t have control over.”