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=9. Los Angeles, USA

The home of Hollywood, Los Angeles retains its position from the 2013 poll. (Pic: Wikipedia)

From New York to London: These are the best cities in the world in 2017

There are some incredible cities in the world, but now an official list of the 10 best has been revealed.

Polling company Ipsos MORI has compiled the 2017 edition of the Top Cities Index, having surveyed people across 26 countries.

Ipsos gave people a list of 60 cities across the globe to choose which ones they felt were the best to live in, to do business in and visit.

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The scores from all three questions were added together to create the Ipsos Cities Index.

The top slot is taken by a previous winner while some other entries may be surprising to some.

Here are the top 10 cities in the world in 2017…