York MP urges Prince Andrew to give up dukedom for sake of the city

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  • Prince Andrew, Duke of York
    Prince Andrew, Duke of York
    Second son and third child of Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh (born 1960)
Prince Andrew has been urged to relinquish his 'untenable' dukedom by the MP for York
Prince Andrew has been urged to relinquish his 'untenable' dukedom by the MP for York

The MP for York has called on Prince Andrew to relinquish his “untenable” dukedom and avoid tarnishing the city's reputation.

Rachael Maskell, who has represented York Central for Labour since 2015, said it was “untenable for the Duke of York to cling on to his title another day longer”.

She added: “This association with York must end. There's a very serious allegation made against this man of privilege and entitlement.”

The backbencher accompanied her tweet with the hashtag NotInYorksName and her statement was echoed by councillors across the city.

Labour group leader Pete Kilbane said: “Prince Andrew has, by knowingly consorting with a convicted paedophile and mixing with a now-convicted sex trafficker, lost all respect and trust from the public he relies on for his position and public funding.

“Decent people would want to put as much distance between the city and the Duke as possible.

“We trust that this is now being addressed.”

Darryl Smalley, a senior Lib Dem councillor, said “every lever possible” needed to be used to cut ties with the Duke.

He told Mail Online: “I think many, many people in the city really are quite aggrieved that whilst many of his titles have been removed - those that are associated to the military and other organisations - the ones that actually ties a whole city with a population of 200,000 are what is retained.”

However, one former Tory councillor in the city urged the public to follow the Queen’s example in adopting a tone of “noble silence” on the scandal.

David Carr reminded the public that the historic Duke of York title is bestowed on a son of the Monarch and dates back to the 14th century.

“As such, it signifies a long-standing, close, and proud relationship between our City and the Monarchy, and it is as much about the office as the office-holder; if not more so,” he said.

“The Queen is now a very old lady who has endured, with grace and noble silence, a year of enormous family upset and tragedy.

“I believe it is Her Majesty’s decision, and hers alone, to consider the future of the title of Duke of York, and until she does, we should follow her example of noble silence.”

Under current legislation it would take an act of parliament to remove the title of the Duke of York from Prince Andrew .

Prince Andrew became Duke of York, a title traditionally granted to the monarch's second son, on his marriage in 1986.

It was previously held by both the Queen’s father, George VI, and her grandfather, George V.

However, suggestions that he could be asked to put his dukedom in abeyance, are considered wide of the mark, as is a claim that he would have to scale back on his housing.

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