York MPs back our mission to help you save money

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Cost of living crisis UK: Our mission to help you save money. (PA/Newsquest)
Cost of living crisis UK: Our mission to help you save money. (PA/Newsquest)

YORK’S MPs are backing our Your Money Matters campaign - to help you overcome the surge in the cost of living.

This year has seen a host of household price increases - from the energy price cap rise to surging inflation and food prices - costing your family hundreds or even thousands of pounds extra per year.

At The Press we’re making it our mission to look out for your cash, offering money-saving deals, competitions, giveaways and insightful stories from your community on the impact this cost of living crisis is having on our readers like you.

York Central MP Rachael Maskell today backed the appeal, saying: “Money pays the bills, money keeps a roof over your head, keeps you warm and puts food in your stomach: ‘money matters’.

“However, with inflation at nine per cent and the economy out of control, Government need to get a grip and bring forward an emergency budget; a budget to ensure that no-one goes without, especially the low waged, people on social security, children and pensioners, and those with no recourse to public funds.

“I welcome the campaign by York Press, ‘Your Money Matters’, as they are getting practical, highlighting money saving deals while telling residents stories; the very stories I am hearing on the doorsteps of our city.

“Increasingly people are finding their outgoings on the basics exceeding their income.”

She added: “I back the York Press in reaching out and will back you through these challenging times so you can be secure and supported.”

York Press:
York Press:

York Outer MP Julian Sturdy said: “I warmly welcome the York Press’s effort to assist local households with cost pressures resulting from unprecedented global economic factors of pandemic and European war.

“I will continue pressing government to build on its existing support measures, and join the York Press in working to shield York families in any way I can.”

Through our newspaper, we want to do what we can to help make your cash go further because we know your money matters.

In the coming weeks we will profile charities and organisations that offer both practical and emotional support. We will shine a light on those affected most by increased costs.

Most importantly, this newspaper will help you save money or win prizes through our brilliant special offers so look out for the Your Money Matters content every day.

Don’t forget if you subscribe for home delivery or a digital subscription you will benefit from access to our amazing Reader Rewards.

Using your reader rewards membership, not only can you benefit from shopping discounts you can now also benefit from a great range of additional savings including cashback offers, travel, attractions and wellbeing.

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If you would like to share your experience of the cost of living crisis, if you are a charity or organisations offering support, or a businesses overcoming the odds to survive and thrive get in touch with us by emailing: newsdesk@thepress.co.uk

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