Carmines Restaurant Releases Security Footage of Alleged Assault on Hostess

A New York City restaurant released footage of an alleged assault, following an altercation over vaccine cards that involved a restaurant hostess and several patrons visiting from Texas.

Security camera footage released by Carmines on September 20, shows three black women entering the restaurant after showing their vaccination cards. Shortly afterward, three men arrive to join the party, but only one shows a COVID-19 vaccine card. The women go into the restaurant with the man, then turn and go back outside.

A lawyer for one of the women said the 24-year-old restaurant hostess used a racial slur, antagonized the guests by implying their vaccination cards were fake, and assaulted them, reports said.

Police said they responded to the incident and the three Texas women were charged with assault and criminal mischief. The restaurant denies race was a factor in the altercation.

In a statement released alongside the security footage, the restaurant owner Jeffrey Bank said the lawyer representing the three women had “falsely and grossly misrepresented their acts of wanton violence” and that his employees “work too hard to serve our guests, work too hard to comply with New York’s vaccination requirements, and still suffer too much from the attack for me to allow these false statements to stand.” Credit: Carmine’s Italian Restaurant via Storyful

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