Our Yorkshire Farm's Reuben Owen admits he 'upset police' and was 'pulled over'

Reuben Owen on Reuben: Life in the Dales
-Credit: (Image: Channel 5)

Reuben Owen has shared that he caused a bit of a stir and had an encounter with the police during his recent jaunt to France. The star of 'Reuben: Life in the Dales' recounted his first trip abroad alongside his former partner Sarah Dow and fellow Channel 5 personality Tommy, during a chat with Lorraine Kelly.

He expressed his delight in driving through France, saying, "My favourite part of the holiday was driving my Land Rover in France. I loved it." He likened the experience to classic 'Top Gear' episodes, commenting: "It made me think of those old episodes of Top Gear when they go across a country in a slightly knackered vehicle.

"That's what it felt like. The old Land Rover never let us down, the French motorways were lovely, and you cruise along with all the French people looking on. They don't see very many Land Rovers over there."

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However, Reuben admitted to a mishap that attracted police attention. "I think I upset some police people," he revealed.

"I was basically on the wrong side of the road." He humorously recalled the incident, adding: "I heard the sirens coming and I thought I would get myself off the road but because it's the opposite of what it is over here, I ended up just getting more in their way."

Consequently, Reuben was stopped and reprimanded by the French authorities. "So I was pulled over and told off by a French policeman. I think it was caught on camera with us all in the Land Rover, so it'll be aired on TV. I apologised to the French police. I didn't know what I was doing!"