You Can Now Buy A Lego Replica Of Your Own Home – But It'll Cost You

Lego is one of those toys that will outlive any trend or passing fad – just ask our parents writers

As popular with grown-ups as it is with kids, it will keeps you busy from the smallest kit to huge Star Wars space ships that you spend days completing. 

Now, one woman has taken things a step further, offering made-to-order Lego replicas of people’s actual home via her Etsy shop.

And if you’re no fan of DIY, you won’t even have to build it yourself.


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Custom Scale Lego Model Home, LittleBrickLane/Etsy (Photo: HuffPost UK)

Designer Shari Austrian, whose shop is appropriately called Little Brick Lane, will create a detailed copy of your home with interiors to match in a one-of a-kind-piece using photographs and architectural plans of your home.

However, it won’t come cheap. The New York based designer charges $1.90 (£1.44) per square footage of your home for the exterior and interior, which means a 3,000 square foot home would cost you $5,700 (£4331.46) for the amount of lego bricks needed and the hours of work each one requires. 

Reasons to live in a one bedroom flat, hey?

Custom Scale Lego Model Home, LittleBrickLane/Etsy (Photo: HuffPost UK)

If you do place an order, Austrian recommends allowing 10-12 weeks for it to be built, and says the finished property will weight between 11kg and 13kg.

Fortunately it comes with free UK delivery, so this is one property deal where you won’t have to worry about hefty stamp duty.

Check out some of her existing designs on her Etsy page or Instagram


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