You Really Shouldn’t Wee In The Swimming Pool, Scientists Say - Here’s Why

You’ll be astonished when you hear how much wee there is in the average swimming pool - an average of 30-80ml per person in there.

But while many of us do it, there are solid scientific reasons not to ‘let go’ while you’re in the pool - as it can have serious health effects.

YouTube science channel Reactions says that the ‘classic’ swimming pool smell is caused by urine reacting with disinfectant to create chemicals called ‘disinfectant byproducts’ or DBPs.

Reactions says in a new video released this week, ‘Researchers estimate that pools contain 30-80ml of urine, per person, in the pool. Urea reacts with chlorine to produce trichloramine. It’s this compound which creates that classic pool smell - it’s also why your eyes turn red while you’re by the pool.

‘This compound has also been linked to asthma. New medicines in your urine could also react with chemicals in the pool to create even more disinfectant byproducts - DBPs.

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