You Won’t Believe Lotto Winner’s Shocking List Of Rules For Boyfriend’s Ibiza Holiday

Lottery winner Jane Park likes to keep her man on a tight leash - including when he’s away with the lads in Ibiza.

The 20-year-old has posted a list of “Ibiza rules” for boyfriend Connor George on Facebook, under the heading ‘Psycho Jane at it again’.

The rules include “No drugs - I will pee sample you upon return”, “No drinking games or sex games. Ie positions or that. You have me to do that with”, and “No tattoos. I will even check ur willy. Unless it’s my name don’t bother.”

20 simple rules: Connor can’t fail to have fun in Ibiza (Facebook/Jane Park) 

Jane has even designed a special t-shirt for her boyfriend of two months to wear, which includes a lovely picture of them together, as well as one of Jane looking menacing.

The top bears the legend: “If you are reading this… You are too close to my boyfriend.”

After reminding Connor to “enjoy yourself cause it’s the last boys holiday you’ll be on”, Jane signs off by warning her beloved: “Be careful I may turn up.”

He’s definitely taken: Jane designed this t-shirt for Connor to wear on his hols (Facebook/Jane Park)

Jane, from Niddrie, Edinburgh, was Britain’s youngest ever EuroMillions winner when she scooped £1 million aged 17.

The rules have been liked more than 500 times on Jane’s own page, and have quickly gone viral.

Connor posted his response on his own Facebook page, reminding people that it was a joke.

Just joshing: Connor’s response on Facbook (Facebook/Connor George) 

Jane told the Scottish Sun: “He is a nice guy and I trust him. It’s funny but I am being deadly serious.”

Top image: Facebook/Jane Park